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Why Would I Need a Removal Specialist?

A glass of wine may get knocked over, the kids have spilled their drink, maybe the pets have had a little accident again.

We know that every home has its little accidents, if your carpets or soft furnishings have that little accident on them don’t despair we may be able to help, we specialize in Stain removal and may be able to remove stains other cleaning companies won’t even attempt. With over 40 years of cleaning experience, I have encountered every stain you can think of, I have been fully trained to deal with all aspects of stain removal including hard to remove staining and carpet repair.

All of my work is guaranteed, except in the area of specialist stain removal where different factors have been taken into consideration, for example - the age of the stain and if it has already been treated with cleaning procedures or chemicals.

We specialize in difficult spot and stain removal. In fact, I am known worldwide as a “SpotMaster” having won the annual international spot and stain removal competition for carpet cleaners multiple times.

What Can a Specialist Do About Spots and Stains?

Sooner or later it happens to everyone, something is spilled on the carpet. But did the spill cause a spot or a stain? A spot is a deposit of foreign material that can be easily cleaned out of a carpet by a Technician. A stain however, is permanent and cannot be removed by standard cleaning procedures. Urine, bleach, and Kool-Aid (among others) contain substances that permanently change the color of the fibers. In these situations, it is necessary to neutralize, then remove the bleach or dye. The color can then be restored to those fibers to blend more closely with the surrounding carpet.

Does Spot Dyeing Work?

I am capable of re- dying areas of discoloration in your carpeting. We can dye bleach spots caused from chemicals in “stain removal” products. If the spot is large, we recommend considering purchasing new carpeting for that area. Spot Dyeing is a tedious, time-consuming process that cannot guarantee an exact match. But we will definitely make it look much better than it did prior to our arrival.

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